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Meet the Team

Clarkston's Salon Experts

Laura Wark-Burton

Owner / Esthetician

Hello Bellezza friends!  My name is Laura, owner, and esthetician at Bellezza Salon.  I have the honor and privilege of leading the Bellezza team since May of 2013, over 10 years!  Wow!  Along with working with my amazing team, I’m a licensed esthetician since 2005 graduating from David Pressley School of Cosmetology in Royal Oak.  I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Oakland University, graduating in 1999. 

As a young teen, I was obsessed with skin care.  I remember heading to the mall with friends and spending my hard-earned savings on all sorts of skin care.  I absolutely loved taking care of my skin.  Later, I entered the spa world as a client and loved how serene and special it was.  After working in Corporate America for 4 years, I was ready to live a calmer, more family-oriented life.  So, I went back to school and became an esthetician.

I’ve worked in Medi spas and Dermatologist offices, but I truly love the spa, facial side.  I enjoy pampering my clients, leaving them relaxed and refreshed.  But, with my medical knowledge, I can blend pampering with a little bit more intensity.  I love incorporating mini peels/deeper exfoliation into each of my facials.  Then, re-hydrating and applying some topical vitamins that everyone’s skin needs.  It’s the perfect balance of pampering and results.

Hoping to meet you all soon and pamper you with an amazing facial!

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Jersey McCullough

Hair Stylist

I am a young stylist looking to grow my business at Bellezza. I joined the Bellezza team in 2022 after getting my start at another Clarkston salon in 2021. Prior to that, I spent four valuable years learning everything I know from my mentor, Cheryl Landry.  I worked as an assistant to Cheryl all through high school and while fulfilling my Cosmetology licensing requirements. I attended Cosmetology courses at the Oakland Schools Technical Campus where I earned my licensing hours. I am proud to say that I graduated at the top of my class, and I was the recipient of several awards while there.    

As a young girl, I was always watching social media clips on makeup, hair, nails, skincare, and anything related to aesthetics.  I started my first job at age 14, and I found myself investing almost every dollar I made into my makeup and hair supplies. I began dyeing my mom’s grey hair that same year, and she’s still my most loyal client to this day!

I love transforming someone’s look through color and style.  I listen to what the client desires, and then I go to work to make it happen.  I realize that being a stylist is not just about someone’s outward appearance.  Sometimes clients want to just relax in silence in my chair, and other times I just need to be a good listener while providing pampering services. I have the unique ability to do both!

Hair is my passion, and I feel blessed to serve my clients every day in the salon.


Vicki Petrusha-Morris

Hair Stylist

Details comings soon:)


Nancy Kelley

Hair Stylist

Hi, my name is Nancy Kelley.  I am an experienced hair stylist, with over 32 years in the industry.  Even though I’ve been a stylist for so long, I still love learning new techniques within the industry.  While I do all salon services, I really enjoy cutting, coloring, and styling.  I enjoy the creativity that comes with cutting and the intricate detail of updos and special styles.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you find the perfect cut, color, and style!


Sarah Strong

Hair Stylist

details coming soon...


Katie Adler

Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist

Hi!  I'm Katie!  I've been doing hair for as long as I can remember. I always knew that I wanted to help people, and my job allows me to do just that! I love making every client that sits in my chair feel their absolute best!

I am an experienced Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, with over 13 years in the beauty industry.  Not only do I work behind the chair as a colorist and cutting specialist, but I also work on location doing bridal/special event hair and makeup.

I pride myself in the continuation of my education by attending classes and shows on a regular basis.  I love to keep myself up to date and educated on all the top trending looks.  I took my love for the hair industry a step further by becoming a Moroccanoil senior educator. This truly allowed me to learn from and work with some of the best creators in the industry.

My number one goal is ensuring that everyone I work with feels beautiful and their absolute best self!



Hair Stylist

Hi, I’m Nicole.  I’ve had the pleasure of working as a Hair Stylist in the Clarkston area for 25 years.  I joined Bellezza Salon, day one when we opened!

Over the years, I have had many opportunities to visit some pretty, amazing places to further my education and learn from the best.  I’ve experienced some of the coolest hair shows!

Also, I have met some of the most amazing people, who I get to call my clients!  They really are the greatest part of my career.  I am blessed beyond measure to have the clientele I have and thank them wholeheartedly for their continued loyalty and support.

(Not accepting new clients at this time)


Suzy Iler

Hair Stylist

Hi, I’m Suzy Iler.  I’m an experienced hair stylist with over 35 years in the field.  As a little girl, I knew I wanted to become a hair stylist.  I am super passionate about my career, and I excel in hair cutting and highlighting.  I truly enjoy spending time with my clients, co-workers, and my big, wonderful family.  I am accepting new clients and I look forward to meeting you.


Chris Talbot

Hair Stylist

details coming soon:)


Michele Noel-Lewis

Nail Technician

Hi, I’m Michele, nail technician here at Bellezza Salon. I originally started school at Michigan College of Beauty but dropped out to follow the Lollapalooza festival.  Later, I went back to school in 1995 and have been a nail technician for 27 years.

I became a nail tech because I originally wanted to become a psychiatrist. And, because I was raised by a different generation, I was never really nurtured in that direction - lol. So, I became a nail tech.

I have lived in the Clarkston area since 1976. I have three boys, all in their twenties.  I enjoy live music and frequent the Machine Shop in Flint with my boyfriend. The prices are cheap, and I love seeing the bands;)

I specialize in sculpted nails with acrylic and do not use tips or electronic filing. I’m also talented at replicating nail art with a good visual for inspiration:)

I am accepting new clients and would love to meet you!


Kenzie Sommer

Assistant Hair Stylist

Hi! I’m Mackenzie but go by Kenzie.

I started experimenting with hair when I was a kid and did my own hair every color there is by the time I was 15. Eventually, my friends trusted me with their hair, and every hangout would end with a drastic hair make over.

I fell in love with seeing others confidence glow after a hair change, so when I was old enough, I enrolled in Sharps Hair Academy in Grand Blanc, and graduated in 2018.

My favorite hair service to perform would have to be hair extensions, it’s so rewarding to take someone who feels their hair isn’t thick enough, long enough, or too fine, and giving them the hair they have always wanted.

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